Cool Pi Fact

” Pi Day ” is celebrated on March 14 (was chosen because it resembles 3.14). The official celebration begins at 1:59 p.m. , to make an appropriate 3.14159 when combined with the date. Albert Einstein was born on ” Pi Day ” (3/14/1878) in Ulm Wurttemberg, Germany

Carpe Diem

I think Professor Keating said you could call him Captain because Walt Whitman wrote a poem about Abraham Lincoln, who was a former president.  And Captain would be the head of everyone on a ship, and he is Captain of the classroom or students.Mr.Keating

Dead Poets Society

  1. I would be shocked that a teacher would ask me to rip out a page in a school textbook.
  2. I think he was surprised that the students were acting in that kind of behavior , I then think he was embarrassed that the teacher was in the classroom after all, after he saw the kids acting in such manner.

Honor Band

On February 18, 2011 the WMS Band played at the Auburn University Symphonic Honors Band Festival  in Auburn, AL. We had a long interesting drive to and from Auburn. Mr. Potter was very proud of us, we got a plaque that read congratulations to Whitesburg Middle School Band.


 Middle School Honor Band POster


911I think the picture was of  African Americans walking for there rights like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did when he marched from Selma to Montgomery. My picture of heroism is the firefighters that helped the trapped people in the attack of the twin towers 9-11.